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    You must foster change, that’s Grace. You must get out of your comfort zone,
    that’s Growth. You must be the person you want to be, that’s Freedom.

    ~ Juliet~



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Have you thought about starting therapy, and doubt yourself with going through the process, because of not enough time, too busy, can’t take off from work, no transportation or no-one to help with the kids? Are you stress out and afraid of talking face to face with a stranger about your relationship, anxiety, depression, or addiction? Understandable, Allow me to walk with you on the journey to the life you want to have. Telehealth service is available, schedule a 15 minutes no-charge session today. Let’s start the journey of healing, recovering and growing.

Be patient with yourself. Self-growth is tender; it's holy ground. There's no greater investment.
- Stephen Covey

If you’re interested in becoming a healthier and more fulfilled you,
asking for help is a sign of strength. Get in touch today! 


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Meet Juliet Robinson, MS, LMHC, BC-TMH, CAP-Founder & Owner of Place of Grace, LLC.

Welcome to my website and Congratulations on taking your first step to healing and growth. Mental health and addiction is often stigmatized against, so with my passion for mental health and addiction, I created Place of Grace Counseling to help individuals who are struggling with anxiety, depression, substance abuse, problems in relationship and or past or current trauma. I would like to have the honor of helping you in building coping skills bringing balance and healthier ways of managing the overwhelming challenges faced, leaving all unhealthy and destructive patterns of behavior behind. My mission for us is to work together creating a healthier and more fulfilled lifestyle. Regardless of your past, personal growth and development are always possible. I will meet you where you are to create a personalized plan for personal self-growth and personal change. Giving you the opportunity to create a masterpiece of your life.

Listening is the key and feeling unheard is frustrating; with years of experience in mental health and addiction field, I am dedicated to give each client the ability to make effective change and overcome personalized life challenges. I offered personalized approach via telehealth (online) or face to face to each client with emphasis of compassionate and empathy. Also as an Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing-trained therapist, I use EMDR to help clients who have experienced trauma to find long-lasting healing through restructuring negative beliefs into healthy, positive emotional freedom. I provide therapy for adolescents, and adults utilizing evidence-based therapy practices and a strengths-based approach. I will help you explore, discover, understand and experience your relationship to self and others.

So why work with me? Well, I am committed to excellence. I maintain rigorous ethics, confidentiality and practice behaviors that justifies my professionalism. With continued up-to-date training as well as accessibility, availability and affordability I can help. I maintain a strict adherence to the governing board of my profession. So, Let’s start the journey today, go ahead and call for your free 15 minutes telephone consultation and schedule your appointment.

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